About Me

Hello dear readers,

My name is not Daphne, but I use it to stay anonymous. I’ve started this blog to talk about feelings or stuff that I want to write about, mostly for advice. I love music, it’s a part of me, and it will always be. It was there for me on times when I needed it, and it still is. You know, on those days when everything seems to go wrong and hard. Just that music that makes you happy and let you smile.

I’ve several songs that remind me of those days when they meant everything to me, especially the lyrics. I’m writing those lyrics down in my scrapbook, just to read them. I think I will combine this ‘diary’ blog with music lyrics.

I hope you guys will like the posts and that you maybe get to know a whole different side of me. But promise me that you call me Daphne here, even if you know my head blog and my real name. On this site, my name is Daphne.

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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