Second blog, different meaning

Hello everyone 🙂

I think most of you already know me, but I should explain here too who I am and why I started this blog.

Just like every other person, I also have some feelings that I would love to write down. But, sometimes I want to write about persons who know about my blog, and sadly, I can’t write everything. Sometimes I just want to talk about my feelings, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes I just want to share what’s going on with people among me, but they can read it, and that could ruin everything.

So, I hope you guys won’t relate to my blog. And if you don’t know which one that is, than it’s even better. Promise me that you will see this as a whole new blog. Maybe I can change my name, maybe also for new readers, just to be sure that (for example) classmates won’t read it.

I also started this blog because I love to talk and write English. I wish I lived in England. It would be my dream to go there someday. I talk English every day, and like the whole day. I just love the language so much. I won’t only write about what I feel or what bothers me, but maybe also about music. I want to write about the things that mean something to me. I guess it will be once a week or maybe less, but just to have some sort of diary, something fresh, just to share some thoughts. It could be in the morning, afternoon or evening, and it could be even more than one.

So, if you know about my first blog, that one will stay. It will be my number one blog and I will still post there, every day. I’m not gonna stop with that one, and I won’t delete it. This is just a second blog, just for my thoughts in English.

So, dear readers, I hope you want to help me by keeping my blog and my real name among us. I don’t want to place it on this blog, I want to stay anonymous. And if you want to say something like ‘Oh dear…’ than you can call me Daphne.

Yes, I think that’s for the best. On this blog, my name will be Daphne, and I hope you guys will accept that I want it like this. I just want a place where I can write things I think about, things I want to complain about. We all need a place like that, right? Where we gather advice and where we can be there for each other.

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’