Which type of guy?

Hey dear readers,

First of all, I’m very sorry that I haven’t written here since October. I was so busy with my study and some family issues. I also started a new project with other people, so I was kind of distracted. But I’m back; at least I try to write a lot more. Especially when there has been so many new subjects that I need to tell you. So much has happened in those three months.

Before I forget, and I know it’s way too late, but I wish you all a Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2017 is over, and that 2018 is already two weeks here. I literally have almost no idea what I did last year, that’s how fast it went by. I’m joking. Still, it went by pretty fast.

The doubt

Alright, let’s get to the subject of the day. As many of you know, I’ve a crush on a guy. I told you many times before about Mark, and my concerns regarding our ‘relationship.’ That’s a big word to use honestly, but I’ve no idea how else to describe it. Anyway, let me get to the main question.

Knowing if you’re in love is a pretty hard thing. You might feel butterflies, you might find someone extremely attractive or someone says or does nice stuff to you. But when does that mean it is love? Do you need more signs than just one or two? How would you know if someone is in love with you? Or will you only know when someone tells you?


For example, someone who hugged you, placed his hand on your shoulder, called you dear and promised to protect you. But he changed. He became short with words, no messages of his side and he’s way too busy all the time to go on a date with you. Was that love, or was it just fake? Or is it still there, but doesn’t he know what to do with his feelings?


Then, we’ve a guy who never seemed as your type. Yet you talk a lot with him, and you share the same passion as well. He travels a lot for his work, and when he isn’t online, which is often the case, it makes you scared. He buys you a souvenir and tells you, he’ll be there for you. He wants to support you; he tells you you’re not alone in this. You can always call him, but only when he’s back at home. Is that love? Is it obvious, or not?

What if you like the first type, but start to wonder if your love for him is still as strong as it was before? And what if you like the other type, but you’re not completely certain if you can be more than friends? What would you do?

What do you think? Which type would you prefer more? Don’t forget to think about the positives and negatives from both types!

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


What’s the meaning of a true friendship?

Hey dear readers,

Today I want to write an article on which you can give your opinion. I recently had some trouble with some friends of mine and for me; a friendship is based on a lot. For me, it’s important that my friends care about me, that they show me and let me know. Just a simple message would make my day. Lately a lot has happened in my favorite country, and none of them has taken the time to ask me how I was doing and feeling about all of this. I mean, they obviously know my love for this country.

But that’s not all of it and I’ll explain what I mean. I’ve a friend, who I’ve never met in real life. We met through a fan base for a guy named Nathan Sykes. We became good friends and we shared and talked a lot. She told me about a guy she liked and I did the same. A few months later, we Face Timed and ever since then, we talk about almost everything. I told her about my trouble with my friends, the pain it caused me and what it did to me that they seem to care less about me. She told me that she would always be there for me and I told her the same. We’re best friends ever since. I help her often with her thoughts and she does the same for me.

This is what I’m looking for in a friend. Someone who wants to listen to you, respects your sayings and tries to help you. That’s what I think it’s the most important in a friendship. We talk everyday and I’m so glad that we started to talk; otherwise we wouldn’t have come this far with our friendship.

I truly miss my colleague Mark. Every time I feel lonely or a little bit sad about something, I think of him. I think of our happy moments during my internship. I remember those days when he asked me what was wrong, and that one day that he wanted a hug. That other day when he placed his hand on my shoulder, saying that it would be okay. Reminding how much a guy can mean to you. I can’t wait until I see him again in August. Those moments will never fade away, and even though we talk less through phone, I still see him as one of the best friends I ever had. I would’ve been miserable without him during my internship, based on my strict bosses. But he helped me through it and those days he felt miserable, I did the exact same thing for him as he did for me. Plus, I helped him recently with his exams, a huge project he had to make. I’m glad that I could help him and I truly hope that he’ll get his diploma.

Let’s go back to my question for you guys. What do you need in a true friendship? I mean, we all need our friends to have around us during hard times, right? Or just sometimes hear from them that they care about you and that you mean a lot to them. I think we all want to hear that sometimes. And of course you should be happy with your friends, I truly am. But when they act like this, it’s hard to be happy with them, am I right? Or am I completely wrong? Let me know your opinion in the comments below. I’m very curious about your thoughts.

So one more time: What do you need in a true friendship? And am I right about the part that is written above this question?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’

Is bullying necessary?

Hey dear readers,

I was watching Hollands Got Talent at May 5. There was this amazing boy, named Daniel. He came onto the stage, but before that, he told Johnny that he was (and still is) being bullied. It hurt me that it still happens. Of course, I know it does, but hearing that on the television, I don’t know, it just sounds more real. He tried to hold his tears, but I could see the pain in his face.

As soon as he came up, he told the judges what happened to him. They gave him encouraging words and he started to dance. And my goodness, that boy is good! He was full of energy, enthusiastic and he enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved it to see him like that.

And thank god, they gave him a golden ticket. He deserved that! He was amazing, his dancing was the best I’d ever seen in weeks and his life needed this positive vibe to help him end his sad bullying story. Like Chantal said: ‘Now you can show those bullies who you are. Don’t let them change you, stay like this and dance like this.’

I couldn’t agree more. The boy was an amazing dancer and he finally got the opportunity to show himself. So, the next day I looked at Facebook. There was this woman, who said something unbelievably mean thing in my opinion. She said: ‘Kids these days say too quickly that they’re being bullied. Most of the time it’s just teasing, but they see it as bullying. They should learn the difference between this.’

Well, I could’ve smacked her face to be honest. She doesn’t know this boy’s story, she doesn’t know what pain he’s going through. He can’t share everything of course, but I saw the pain in his eyes. This boy isn’t someone who’s trying to get pity, no. He’s sharing something that is true, and what happened to him. So, I don’t know who you are lady, but you can’t judge someone based on two sentences you’ve heard. You also said that you have children, so you must know what bullying means. Maybe your children have a happy life, well that’s amazing for them. But this boy, he struggles with bullying. And this performance, this dance he did, made him happy. Because of this, he could forget the bullies for several minutes, and he received a much bigger prize: recognition, thankfulness and euphoria.

I wish that bullying would stop. It’s the worst thing that can happen to you during your childhood. It brings you down, it makes you weak and you start to doubt about yourself. Why do people bully each other? Why can’t we let people be who they want to be? Who cares if someone is a little bit crazy, enthusiastic or different? I don’t care, I’ve respect for everyone and each story. We should all try to make this world better, starting by stopping the bullying.

I can’t say it enough, but Daniel, you did a wonderful job out there. I’m glad that you got the change to show your moves, make yourself happy and change the world for a single minute. You rock boy! And I can’t wait for your next performance! Keep strong!

Have you seen his performance? What do you think about the lady’s comment on his story about bullying?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’

This is his performance:

Why do we judge?

Hey dear readers,

You know, I’m always wondering why people promise things, when they won’t do it. They promise they’ll do something for you, but in the end they don’t. I’m always wondering, why do you keep saying that you’ll help me when you’re not going to do it?

And why do guys only look at the outside first? What’s wrong with the inside of a girl? You have to look further. The heart has everything and it’s the most beautiful thing a person has. You need to talk to someone and get to know that person before you can actually tell who that person is. You can’t judge on looks or handsomeness, you can say something after you hang out with someone or at least talked to that person.

But unfortunately, people judge too quickly. When they see someone who’s wearing ripped clothes, they think they’re poor. But they could’ve fallen down or fought with someone. And when someone gets a good grade and wears glasses, they obviously think that he or she is a nerd. And when someone is a little bit too enthusiastic or shy, they identify those as autisms. I mean, why? Why do we judge so quickly? Why do we think that we know everything when someone walks by? Do we really think that we’re that smart?

I’ve always dealt with these horrible, unfair judgements. Yes I wear skater clothes and yes I get good grades, but that doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of type. You don’t know me. Maybe I’m really fun too, and kind and full of helpfulness. I’m not only a tough, weird, crazy or smart girl; I’m also really kind, enthusiastic and funny when I’m surrounded with the right people. You can’t tell who I am when I walk by or when you see me standing somewhere. If you hear something, you should ask me first before you start to judge or gossip. I mean, maybe I love music and skateboarding, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a girl. Because I am a girl and I do love guys, I’m in love with someone at the moment.

I wish I had the answer to my question. Why do people judge on looks and cloths? At work or for a job application is very normal, well, in my opinion not, but in that case I can accept it. But why do we judge when we walk in a gym, amusement park or in our own school? Why can’t we be ourselves? People always call us names and they think of something to make us shy, afraid or it changes us. It really affects some people if they can’t be who they want to be. And some people change because they don’t want to be punished or punched. This is still one of the biggest problems in a teenager’s life.

I don’t judge people, because I don’t want this to happen to me too. And I don’t do things to others when I don’t want them to do that to me. I hope you understand that sentence haha. Of course I have thoughts, but I won’t push people away or think they’re weird when they wear punk, pink or glossy clothes. I don’t care who you are or what you look like, as long as you’re nice and kind, you can be my friend.

So please stop judging people, get to know them first. Some people have stories, others don’t. And we can’t judge someone before we know the whole story. As long as we keep saying this and trying to help those, we can make a difference. But we need to work together.

So, who’s with me? Who wants to stop the judgements too?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’

I’m being me my dear friend

Hey dear readers,

Two of my best friends had their birthday party last Saturday. They’re twins if you’re wondering how they celebrated it at the same time. It was a fun party, but I got into a discussion with one of my friends. As many of you know, I’m selected for a special price. I can’t tell too much right now, but they’ve already decided who the winner is. But we’ll find out in April. So, we’ve to stand on a stage, looking at one thousand people. I’m not scared, not at all. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be on a stage in front of so many people.

But why I’m telling you guys about this? Well, of course you need to dress nicely and you need to do your make-up. I’m not really a girly girl. I don’t wear make-up and jewellery and I hate dresses and skirts. You need to do your hair and wearing heels. Well I’ve got news for them: I won’t.

I’m sorry, but they already decided who the winner is so why should I wear a dress and wear make-up? I want to wear black jeans with a white blouse, which you would wear to your work. So, it’s elegant, classy and decently. I want to wear blue or black boots and wear a little bit make-up such as eye shadow and lipstick. But I want to do this by myself, because I don’t want to paint my whole face with those stupid products, sorry for those who do, but I hate it.

So my friend and I got into a fight, well not really a fight, a discussion is a better describing. But anyway, she told me that she wanted to go shopping with me, go to the hairdresser and make sure that I look ‘gorgeous’ and ‘fabulous.’ And of course that’s really nice of her, but I don’t want that. That’s not who I am. I like wearing jeans, shirts and sneakers. I even wear beanies and caps. I love to skateboard and go boxing in a gym. I love boys who do the exact same thing, those who do the extreme sports. I like their clothing style and I’m like: why can’t girls wear that? My style is a combination of comfy, cool and sportive.

So I said to her: what’s wrong with that? And she said: well, you’re a girl. So I was like: yeah, so? Can’t girls wear sneakers or beanies? Why do girls have to dress up nicely? Who invented that? Of course I like my long hair but that doesn’t mean that I can’t wear whatever I like. I’m into guys, and I like to dress as a skater, because I fancy those boys even more. Especially those guys with the amazing abs, biceps and triceps. But also the ones who do amazing tricks and stunts. I just love their (clothing) style, so what’s wrong with that?

I know that Mark isn’t an average boy. He’s into games and movies, just like me. We talked a lot about boxing, fighting and other ‘boy’ stuff. We enjoyed our talks and we laughed every single time. I can always express myself a lot better around boys when I’m on my skateboard and wearing my sneakers and beanie. That’s why I love England too. They’re so many people who dress like me, I’ve seen it before.

That style is not only for boys dear ladies and gentlemen. And those who wear that style can still be into boys. So stop saying otherwise, because you don’t even know every person. I love guys, I love wearing beanies and sneakers and yes I skateboard and do a lot of boxing. But I’m still a girl, a girl who’s being herself. And she loves guys who’re not regular, because she’s not regular too.

What’s your opinion about this? Can girls wear beanies and sneakers or do we need to dress as a girl? And why do you think that? Is it important to you or is it normal for you?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’

Does love exists?

Hello dear readers,

I was talking to a good friend of mine last week, and we were talking about love. We were both wondering when it would come. It’s not like we’re searching directly for it, it’s more like that we want to know if there will be someone who will say ‘I love you’ to us.

I told him about a post that I saw on Facebook. You know those ‘Teenager Relatable’ posts? It had a description that got all my thoughts in one picture. Will there ever be a guy who will like me? Will there ever be a guy somewhere who thinks about me now? Will there ever be a guy who’s secretly in love with me?

We spoke about it for at least fifteen minutes, telling each other that we would find love. We both agreed that we won’t look for it; we’ll wait for it until it comes on our path. He told me that he likes someone, but that one is currently in a relationship. And my problem is, I like a colleague, but it feels like we’re friends. There is no spark between us, we’re just laughing with each other and we understand the fights we have with others. But I’d rather be friends than risking our friendship for something that might not be there.

Just for understanding this, that friend of mine is a he, and we’re just good friends. To be more exact, he’s into guys. So we often talk about boys, actually a lot. It’s just that we understand each other, because boys are really hard to read. We understand the things we’re going through.

But am I the only one, or are you also wondering if you’ll find love? Like I said before, I don’t need a boyfriend, not at all, but it’s just… I’m wondering if some guy can love me for who I am, not for my looks, you know? Most guys nowadays just look at your body or search for a girl who loves partying.

My favorite writer wrote in a book once:

‘True love will find you; you must not look for it.’

And he’s right. We shouldn’t look for love, eventually it will be there. But I’m a girl, and I think most girls are just wondering if there will be someone out there who’s secretly in love with them. But for now, I’ll continue with loving Nathan 😉

What is your opinion about ‘love’? Do you think there is someone for everyone?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’