I think I’m falling in love

Hey dear readers,

I remember I once told you about the guy I was in love with, Mark. Well I can now officially say that it’s over, I don’t love him anymore. It’s just, I have to start every conversation and his answers are always so cold and short. The fun thing is; our birthdays are two days after each other. His birthday is two days after mine. But on my birthday, he didn’t say anything. So I just let it slip, it was okay. So two days later, I wished him a happy birthday and all he said was thank you. I mean, he knew my birthday, he knew it last year. So why doesn’t he now? Are we really growing apart? Was our friendship meant to last for just a year?

I mean, if you really like each other, or at least when you’re good friends, he should remember your birthday, especially if yours is just two days before his, right? Or am I overreacting? Anyway, I also said that I doubted about my feelings for Thomas. Well, I saw him in February, and we went to a museum together. He had finally returned from his trip and even though we rescheduled it the first time (he got sick) we went to the museum a week later.

We really had a fun time. He had bought a souvenir for me and I was happy to see him again. He was so nice and sweet, and we’re going to write a book together. It was pretty cold, and we were walking back towards the train station. It was very cold and my hands were a bit cold. We bought a sandwich and the lady behind the counter said that I needed to buy some gloves, because they were a bit red. It was because I have no pockets in my coat and it was freezing that day (silly me). So when we arrived at the station, I asked him if he wanted to wait outside or inside. He said: ‘We should wait inside, because your hands are cold and they need to warm up.’ That was so sweet.

We’re going to a theater this month, joining a performance. I’ll pick him up from the station, just as I did with Mark. It’s pretty weird, to do the exact same thing, and go to the exact same location as where I was with him. Please, don’t let this be a déjà-vu or anything. Don’t let it end like it ended with Mark. We’re also going to visit the home city of our country. We’ve already made plans so I’m really looking forward to that.

He’s just so kind. He says so many nice things and he also said that I could call him when I wanted to, he would be there for me. He often gives me compliments and we discuss our ideas for our book and we just seem to be very sincere about this. We really are looking forward to it and he also wanted to buy me something for my birthday. So I said no, because he already bought me a souvenir and his birthday was when he was away so I didn’t want him to buy anything for me while I hadn’t bought anything for him.

I honestly think that I’m developing feelings for him. He’s just so kind, we share the same passion and we’ve so much in common. I have fun with him and he seems to be sincere and honest. He also got bad news about a family member of him, the same disease as someone in my family has. It seems like we’re meant to be friends, and who knows, maybe even more. In any case, I wouldn’t mind it. I do believe it could work between us.

Have you ever been in love before, or are you dating someone now? Do you believe you can go from zero feelings to perhaps, love-able feelings?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’