Working hard, writing less

Hey dear readers,

I’m so sorry for being so inactive on here. I was busy with writing and I just forgot to write here also. I just want to give you guys a quick update. I’ve currently started my third year for my study. This will be my exam year, and that means that I’ll be very busy. That means that this blog will be just like the previous holiday, a little bit lower then I wanted it to be. I’m very busy with my regular blog, and this one too, will be too much for me.

However, I won’t delete this site. I’ve shared a lot already, and I’ll soon start with a new song that I love. But for now, you know the reason why I was so inactive here, and why I will be in the upcoming months. I was very busy with writing, because I write on different story platforms. I love writing, and I had finally time to achieve my ideas for it. During school, I was very busy with studying and stuff like that, and during my holiday, I had plenty of time. Now sadly, I need to let it go, and focus on my school.

I’ve two friends abroad. We talked a lot during this holiday, and I hope that someday, I can meet them. That would be amazing. Another friend of mine was struggling with a few issues. I was there for him, and he was there for me. We helped each other a lot, and he has become more than just a friend, he’s my best friend now.

When it comes to the boy that I’m crushing on, I’ve seen him two times this holiday. I hope that I can see him again soon. He started a new education and I would help him with some troubles that he had and he helps me, just like we did last year. Another friend of mine went on the ship for his study. He’ll go far away, and I don’t know where to. I’m kind of worried about him. Being on the sea with all the scary things that happened lately, I’m just not sure how he’s doing.

I discovered a new band, and I can’t stop listening to them! I ordered their albums and I love them! I’m so happy that I discovered them, they’re amazing. I hope that I can see them live someday, because they were here, but it was sold out already. I hope that next time; I’ll be able to see them.

So, I’m now continuing with my projects. I’ve a lot to do this year. Five projects, many exams and tests and many more stuff. It will be a hard year, and I also need to do my exam during my internship. Shortly said, I need to work hard, and that’s what I’ll do. I always work hard, and in that way, you can achieve everything that you want to achieve.

How was your holiday? In which class are you now? Or which study do you do?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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