Is bullying necessary?

Hey dear readers,

I was watching Hollands Got Talent at May 5. There was this amazing boy, named Daniel. He came onto the stage, but before that, he told Johnny that he was (and still is) being bullied. It hurt me that it still happens. Of course, I know it does, but hearing that on the television, I don’t know, it just sounds more real. He tried to hold his tears, but I could see the pain in his face.

As soon as he came up, he told the judges what happened to him. They gave him encouraging words and he started to dance. And my goodness, that boy is good! He was full of energy, enthusiastic and he enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved it to see him like that.

And thank god, they gave him a golden ticket. He deserved that! He was amazing, his dancing was the best I’d ever seen in weeks and his life needed this positive vibe to help him end his sad bullying story. Like Chantal said: ‘Now you can show those bullies who you are. Don’t let them change you, stay like this and dance like this.’

I couldn’t agree more. The boy was an amazing dancer and he finally got the opportunity to show himself. So, the next day I looked at Facebook. There was this woman, who said something unbelievably mean thing in my opinion. She said: ‘Kids these days say too quickly that they’re being bullied. Most of the time it’s just teasing, but they see it as bullying. They should learn the difference between this.’

Well, I could’ve smacked her face to be honest. She doesn’t know this boy’s story, she doesn’t know what pain he’s going through. He can’t share everything of course, but I saw the pain in his eyes. This boy isn’t someone who’s trying to get pity, no. He’s sharing something that is true, and what happened to him. So, I don’t know who you are lady, but you can’t judge someone based on two sentences you’ve heard. You also said that you have children, so you must know what bullying means. Maybe your children have a happy life, well that’s amazing for them. But this boy, he struggles with bullying. And this performance, this dance he did, made him happy. Because of this, he could forget the bullies for several minutes, and he received a much bigger prize: recognition, thankfulness and euphoria.

I wish that bullying would stop. It’s the worst thing that can happen to you during your childhood. It brings you down, it makes you weak and you start to doubt about yourself. Why do people bully each other? Why can’t we let people be who they want to be? Who cares if someone is a little bit crazy, enthusiastic or different? I don’t care, I’ve respect for everyone and each story. We should all try to make this world better, starting by stopping the bullying.

I can’t say it enough, but Daniel, you did a wonderful job out there. I’m glad that you got the change to show your moves, make yourself happy and change the world for a single minute. You rock boy! And I can’t wait for your next performance! Keep strong!

Have you seen his performance? What do you think about the lady’s comment on his story about bullying?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’

This is his performance:


An amazing Saturday night

Hey dear readers,

I’m so sorry for not uploading in a long time. I had a test week for school and many deadlines, which I had to finish. I don’t have my grades back, so I can’t tell you how I did it. It went okay, but you can never be sure. The next test week will be here soon, in less than seven weeks. It will be a lot harder than the last one, with more tests and deadlines. I can’t wait for summer break.

I went with my colleague to the comedy show last Saturday. We had a great time. First, I picked him up from the station. I gave him a hug (not a real one, just an half one) and we tried to find a parking place. After that, we walked to the theatre and we were too early. So we sat down on the stairs and we talked until the show started. We made a selfie and I was so happy that he wanted to make one, I wanted to have a real memory. During the break, we talked and he accidently touched my knee. And he laid his hand on my shoulder once. So after the show, we stayed there and we talked, until I brought him back to the station. I hugged him again (this time a real hug, a full hug) and he went home.

It was one of the best nights ever! I had so much fun and I can’t wait for August! We’re going to an amusement park with just the two of us and I truly can’t wait for that amazing day. I already bought tickets so there is no going back haha. We’ve decided to arrange a car and drive to it. We both have a driver’s license so we can switch if we want. I hope that the time will go fast this time!

I finally face timed with my best friend from England. We wanted to talk with each other and see each other and that’s the only reason why I downloaded Skype. I never wanted to, but now that we can talk, I’m happy I downloaded it. We talk for one hour and it’s so funny and amazing to talk with her. We share the same love for Nathan and we understand each other. We’re being there for each other and I hope that if I go to England someday, I truly hope that we can meet each other today.

So, this was a very positive and happy post. I’m happy that I had good news. I had an amazing weekend thanks to Mark and I can’t wait to see him in August. I hope that we’ll have an amazing day (I think we will) and of course I will tell you all about it 🙂

How are you? How was your weekend? What are you going to do in summer break?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’