Why do we judge?

Hey dear readers,

You know, I’m always wondering why people promise things, when they won’t do it. They promise they’ll do something for you, but in the end they don’t. I’m always wondering, why do you keep saying that you’ll help me when you’re not going to do it?

And why do guys only look at the outside first? What’s wrong with the inside of a girl? You have to look further. The heart has everything and it’s the most beautiful thing a person has. You need to talk to someone and get to know that person before you can actually tell who that person is. You can’t judge on looks or handsomeness, you can say something after you hang out with someone or at least talked to that person.

But unfortunately, people judge too quickly. When they see someone who’s wearing ripped clothes, they think they’re poor. But they could’ve fallen down or fought with someone. And when someone gets a good grade and wears glasses, they obviously think that he or she is a nerd. And when someone is a little bit too enthusiastic or shy, they identify those as autisms. I mean, why? Why do we judge so quickly? Why do we think that we know everything when someone walks by? Do we really think that we’re that smart?

I’ve always dealt with these horrible, unfair judgements. Yes I wear skater clothes and yes I get good grades, but that doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of type. You don’t know me. Maybe I’m really fun too, and kind and full of helpfulness. I’m not only a tough, weird, crazy or smart girl; I’m also really kind, enthusiastic and funny when I’m surrounded with the right people. You can’t tell who I am when I walk by or when you see me standing somewhere. If you hear something, you should ask me first before you start to judge or gossip. I mean, maybe I love music and skateboarding, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a girl. Because I am a girl and I do love guys, I’m in love with someone at the moment.

I wish I had the answer to my question. Why do people judge on looks and cloths? At work or for a job application is very normal, well, in my opinion not, but in that case I can accept it. But why do we judge when we walk in a gym, amusement park or in our own school? Why can’t we be ourselves? People always call us names and they think of something to make us shy, afraid or it changes us. It really affects some people if they can’t be who they want to be. And some people change because they don’t want to be punished or punched. This is still one of the biggest problems in a teenager’s life.

I don’t judge people, because I don’t want this to happen to me too. And I don’t do things to others when I don’t want them to do that to me. I hope you understand that sentence haha. Of course I have thoughts, but I won’t push people away or think they’re weird when they wear punk, pink or glossy clothes. I don’t care who you are or what you look like, as long as you’re nice and kind, you can be my friend.

So please stop judging people, get to know them first. Some people have stories, others don’t. And we can’t judge someone before we know the whole story. As long as we keep saying this and trying to help those, we can make a difference. But we need to work together.

So, who’s with me? Who wants to stop the judgements too?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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