It was a tough week

Hey dear readers,

Why is this world so messed up and so cruel? They hurt one of the things that I love the most in my life. I was so hurt by hearing the news. Why there? What have they done? You know why I love that country? Because they move on and they try to keep their heads held high.

When I heard the news I immediately send a good friend of mine, who lives there, a message. I’m glad she’s okay. I was so angry that I could cry at the same time. For the first time in months I was really broken about something. And I know that there are many who can’t understand why I felt that way, but that’s just who I am, especially when it’s about that country.

And it also reminded me how much I miss Mark. He always told me that everything would be fine when something bad happened or when I felt bad. He knew how to make me smile again. I miss his voice, his laugh, his cute blue eyes and his glasses. I know I’ll see him soon, but not seeing him every day, is still really hard, especially when something like this happens.

One of my friends had a bad fight with his best friend. So I was sad that he felt devastated. I tried to make him happy but he was really heartbroken. I told him that everything would be fine, but he wasn’t sure about that. So a few hours later, he said that his best friend wanted to talk to him. And a day later, they said sorry to each other. They won’t be as close as before, but it’s a new start.

On Thursday, I called with a friend for one hour or so. Her boyfriend broke up with her and she needed a friend. So we talked and laughed. And even though she asked me and I told her, I still have the feeling that people don’t actually ask me how I’m doing. Of course she did, and he also, but my other friends don’t really seem to care about me. Maybe that sounds harsh, but everyone knows that I love that country, and they didn’t ask me how I felt about the news. I don’t know if they didn’t realise it or that they didn’t want to talk about it, I don’t know.

I really hope that it was just a horrible week and that it will be more fun next week. But on Monday I’ll have sports so maybe that’s exactly what I need right now. I mean, I bet we all have a week like this, where you feel really sad and bad. We all have those days that we don’t know what’s wrong with everyone around us. Just those days that you wish you had someone who’ll come over to you and have fun with you.

Do you also have those weeks? Or did you have one recently?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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