Annoying classmates

Hey dear readers,

So Monday I finally went to the concert, and I was so terribly happy when I was there! It was amazing! I enjoyed every song, I sang every song and I danced on every song. I was so happy that I finally saw them, I can’t really describe my feelings right now, and it was too amazing so I don’t have enough words for it.

You know the guy I like, Mark? Well, I’ll see him a little bit sooner than May 6! He’ll come to another show and that one will take place at 11 April! So, I’ll see him twice in less than a month! I can’t believe it that he wants to come to a show, for me! This must mean something, right?

But there is also something else. I kind of hate my class. They’re childish, unprofessional and not serious in their study. We had a maths test today. We have to make exercises and lessons to show the teacher that we understand the several assignments. After that, we can make the test. But almost everyone in my class cheated on those lessons by sending each other the answers. My teacher found out and he wanted to punish us all, by doing the test on Wednesday. Thankfully he decided to keep it as it way, on Friday.

But today, I heard several classmates talking about ten minutes for the test. How am I supposed to make a test in ten minutes? So I quickly looked at my account and luckily for me, mine was set on one hour. He only did it for the ones who made the lesson really quick (within five minutes) and with an A. I had an A too, but I made it with my dad. I’m not a cheater, and especially not with my classmates. I don’t trust them.

So my class was very pissed at him and our mentor came by. So he made a deal with the teacher. The test will be replaced to Wednesday. Of course I’m glad, but I can’t believe that he won’t punish those who cheated. I mean, it’s their fault. As long as I don’t get punished for something I didn’t do, then I don’t care if he punishes the ones who did something wrong.

And then there’s another thing. On Tuesday, one of or teachers told us that we could leave earlier, as long as we read the paragraph and if we made the assignment. So on Thursday, no one except for me and three others, made the assignment. She was very pissed and now she won’t let us go anymore.

My classmates are really ruining it for everyone. I truly hate them; they’re so annoying and childish. This is the reason why I always sit and work alone. They don’t do their work properly and they’re not serious at all. It’s not that I can’t work together or that I’m not social, but with them… I just don’t want to work with them.

Can you understand the way I think about this? And are you classmates also like this? What do you think of their actions?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


4 thoughts on “Annoying classmates

  1. I can really understand it! It sounds really annoying! My class is also a pain in my ass. They hurt each other, they throw things and they don’t make their homework. So annoying and they’re definitely no grown ups…

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