I feel good

Hello dear readers,

I got some bad news on Monday that the concert was postponed, for two weeks later. I was sad and anxious that my teacher wouldn’t say: Okay, you can leave early. But luckily, I can. I have to let him sign a piece of paper for that last hour. So now, I can go with the train to be there just in time. I can’t leave too early because I can’t miss that many lessons. But for now, I miss one lesson.

Something else, I got a huge grade for my internship! I got three grades in total. I got a grade for the communication, a grade for the marketing and a grade for the report. And all three of them added together, and divide by three, I got a very good grade and I’m very proud of myself.

And I also received an amazing grade for an English presentation! It’s almost an A! He said that my English was so good; he asked me how that was even possible. He said I could become an English teacher, and that I could write a book in English as well. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Something else that happened and I’m still really happy about it. I asked the guy I like, to go to a comedy show with me. I should go with a family member, but she needs to have surgery around that period, and so we aren’t sure if she can go with me. So, she said that I could ask someone else. And I thought:

Well, I can take the risk. I was really nervous when I asked him and he took very long to respond, so I got more and more nervous by the minute. But eventually, he said yes! I can’t believe that he wants to go with me! It’s like a dream came true! Because imagine this, we’re sitting next to each other, very closely, for like two hours. I really can’t wait for the show!

And I’m talking in a group chat on Twitter and Instagram with fans of Nathan. I made a best friend because we support each other and we give advice. We’ve become best friends now and we hope we can meet someday in England. I really hope I can go there someday to meet Nathan and her as well.

So, this post was really happy this time. I’m glad I could tell some nice things to you guys. I can’t wait for the concert and I can’t wait for the comedy show! I’m so glad Mark said yes! (I just call him Mark now, because that’s easier by calling him ‘guy’ all the time) I really hope May comes fast ^^

How are you feeling right now?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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