Little bit sad

Hey dear readers,

So these last few days were some kind of rollercoaster for me. I heard that a family member needs to have surgery, and that scares me. But there was also some good news. One of my favorite bands and one of the members replied to my Tweet and liked it. Oh, and not to mention that the colleague I like, said Happy Birthday to me, that meant so much to me. He also sent me a message out of his own, telling me how his day was and if I enjoyed my vacation.

But today, it was also a rough day, just like when I heard about my family member who needs to have surgery. I would go to a concert tonight, but unfortunately, the singer of the band is sick. His voice is not well and so in order to avoid damage; they decided to postpone the concert. So it will take place within two weeks.

I know it’s just two weeks, but I’m kind of devastated. I was free today, so it was so good that the concert was today. The other Monday, I will have to go to school until five o’clock. So, that means I need to leave early, but I don’t know if they allow that for this kind of stuff. I already sent an email to my teacher and mentor, so I hope they will say that it’s okay.

I need to go to that concert and I feel so bad that it’s postponed. But, I don’t want the singer to lose his voice; I want him to be better. He’s a human too, just like you and me. I don’t want him to get even sicker, his voice is too special. So I understand it, but still I’m sad about it.

You know, I just have the feeling that I’m unlucky, you know? First all the bad news and now this too… I’ve the feeling that I don’t deserve luck or something like that. It’s just… I wish my colleague would say something more, you know. Just that I mean something to him, or something like that. And that my classmates would be nicer to me that would be great too.

But for now, I’ll have to wait for the concert.

But its okay, I can wait two more weeks. He needs to be better to perform on his best, and I want him to be better. I want to hear his beautiful voice without sickness; he needs to feel healthy before he enters the stage.

So I can live with the fact that the concert is postponed, but still I’m quite sad because I have to wait longer, and it will be a lot easier to go there, because I need permission first. You know, to leave school earlier.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re unlucky sometimes? That you’re wondering why you can’t have luck sometime?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


4 thoughts on “Little bit sad

  1. Do you really need permission first? We may just not go to class if we want, except some mandatory lessons… I hope you will get permission and the family member will be better soon! Xoxo
    PS I will answer your mail when I have time, I am not home this week! 😉

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    • Unfortunately, I do. They’re very strict due to last year. My class is not that good with being there, if you know what I mean. So, this is not a real reason to skip class.
      Thank you, I hope everything goes well with my family member ❤
      That's okay, I'm looking forward to it 🙂

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