Setbacks deal with professionalism

Hey dear readers,

I’m sorry for not making a new post. I’m doing fine, well, sort of. I’m currently still working for my internship for my study. It’s a nice internship, and I’m more than happy with my colleagues. The only problem? The days that you present your school to new students. It’s called ‘Open Days’ in my country, but I’m not fully certain what they call it in England and abroad.

The problem is, the idea we had is not accepted. And they told us two weeks before the due date, before everything needs to be done. We already told it to them before the Christmas vacation (also not certain what they call it abroad, I’m not even sure if they have vacation) and my mentor told me that he was really pissed at them. So am I.

He told me that he was very happy with the idea and I was too, because in the end, they chose my idea. But unfortunately, some teachers (don’t exactly know what they’re called at my school) said that it wasn’t for business. I know that’s true, but they want it all boring, black, showing that we’re for business. And of course that’s what we want too, but just be honest, you would go to a school who’s trying to invite you, right? With some sort of colors and some food stands.

I can understand what they mean, but why couldn’t they said it a month earlier? Or perhaps weeks? We need to do everything over and we have to think of something else. It won’t be fun, it will be boring. But we don’t want to have any more problems, so we’re gonna do our best and we’re still gonna make a fun day. We will show the new students that we’re a fun school too, and I’m positive that we can achieve that.

So, even though I was pretty upset, I still stayed professional. My mentor was very proud of me. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t sad, I stayed professional.

I told him that I couldn’t change it, so why be upset about it? Well, at home I was, but not at my internship. These things can happen any time, and I wanted to show him that I can handle it. And I’m glad I did, because know he believes I can. And he trusts me even more.

He also told me that whatever was gonna happen after this, all the work I already had done would be enough. I still have to do a lot, but he said I could just change some little things. He would remind all the things I’ve already done for my appreciation. I can live with that, and I’m happy he will remind that, otherwise everything would’ve been for nothing.

Have you had an experience like this? And were you able to be professional, or not?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


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