Can I become a writer?

Hello dear readers,

I want to become a writer, and I think that if you know me, you already knew. But lately, I’ve been thinking about it. Could I really become a writer? Do people really like my style of writing? Now that I’ve published one, it seems like the people who read it, think it’s kind of childish written. But to be honest, it’s a book for 14-18 years of age. And it was just the first book; the other four will have much more difficulties and recognizable things in life.

There is another reason why I’m kind of thinking about not publishing my other books. Many friends of mine and some other people have promised to buy it, but they never did. Every time they say it, I don’t believe it. Many bloggers did too. I’m begging you, please don’t promise something like that if you won’t do it. It will make people happy for nothing.

Second, someone who also published a book asked me a lot of questions about how I published mine. I was glad I could help her, and I’m really happy that she sells her book, but I wish that would happen to me too. And another person also sells so many books. He told me it wrote his book because he sends it to a competition contest on my blog. I was glad to hear that my contest made him write that book. But now that I know it sells so good, I’m kind of jealous.

Maybe I shouldn’t be jealous, but is it that bad that I am jealous? That I also want people to buy my book? Maybe I’m selfish, but it’s just how I feel. I wish I knew what the secret is. I wish I knew…

I’m sorry if you read this and you think it’s about you. I’m really happy for you that you’ve become so successful; I just wish it would happen to me too. I’m not mad at you if you think that, absolutely not. I just… I hope that what happens to you happens to me too.

That people can’t wait for the second book, buying your book after making a promise and that they give you the feeling that you’ve written something incredible.

So, without further ado, I just wish some people would keep their promise. And, of course that when (I’m not sure if and when) I publish my second book, people buy the first one and the second one. I’ve written five books, and I hope to publish them all. Even though I feel not so sure anymore, I won’t give up. I’m not a quitter, and I won’t give up that easily. I’ll purchase my dream, and I won’t let this get in my way.

Are you also jealous of something? And do you think that I’m being selfish, or can you understand my thoughts?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


8 thoughts on “Can I become a writer?

  1. You’re absolutely not selfish. I understand your feelings. I think I would think the exact same way. It just feels like everything happens to others, while you hope for it. But I do think it will come, and I hope sooner than you would expect πŸ™‚

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  2. First of all, keep writing, as you are still quite young. The more you write, the better you’ll become. And don’t worry about sales now, as only a few writers can live or their writings and as your writing will improves as you matures, your latter work might sell better. And perhaps, you should gift a few of your books to friends – for instance as birthday present. Every new writers has to promote him- or herself. Finally, you should look for someone who wants to proofread your writing before publishing (I have a friend who will help me with my own novel).

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    • You’re right, and I know that. Everything you say is completely right and I know that it will come within years. It’s not something that will be there in like one month or so. Could be, but why give it as a gift to people who don’t keep their promise and who seem not interested? Many people say that, but I’m not really fond of that. People always have things to complain about. I want to be happy with what I write, and even though other opinions might seem good, I don’t know if that can work for me too. But maybe I should think about it. Thank you for your message πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve been dreaming to publish a book since I was 14 (I am almost 17 now) and I still haven’t made the step to send something to a publishing house. Why? Cause I’m scared that it won’t sell and that people won’t like it. I’ve been jealous towards so many people who have had enough courage to send their work to a publishing house, I’ve been jealous towards a lot of people that published their books, I’ve been jealous towards people that have succes with what they love doing. I know it’s not so good, cause jealousy is a negative feeling, but I can’t help it.
    Enough about me!
    You aren’t selfish, if people promise something they should keep it and do what they promise.
    You aren’t selfish for wanting your books to sell well, you are hopeful. You keep working for your books and that is amazing!
    I hope I made you smile a little and remember don’t give up ❀

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    • You’re so sweet Lou, you really are. I feel the exact same way. I didn’t go to a publisher, I was scared too. Scared that those wanted to change my story so much, that I would hate it. That’s why I decided to publish it on my own. My rights, no people who can tell me what’s wrong about it. You can publish it too, if you have any questions about that, you can always send me an email πŸ™‚ Thank you so so much Lou, you are a really kind girl. I hope that you will publish your book too, and don’t lose hope, you can do it! ❀

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