Does love exists?

Hello dear readers,

I was talking to a good friend of mine last week, and we were talking about love. We were both wondering when it would come. It’s not like we’re searching directly for it, it’s more like that we want to know if there will be someone who will say ‘I love you’ to us.

I told him about a post that I saw on Facebook. You know those ‘Teenager Relatable’ posts? It had a description that got all my thoughts in one picture. Will there ever be a guy who will like me? Will there ever be a guy somewhere who thinks about me now? Will there ever be a guy who’s secretly in love with me?

We spoke about it for at least fifteen minutes, telling each other that we would find love. We both agreed that we won’t look for it; we’ll wait for it until it comes on our path. He told me that he likes someone, but that one is currently in a relationship. And my problem is, I like a colleague, but it feels like we’re friends. There is no spark between us, we’re just laughing with each other and we understand the fights we have with others. But I’d rather be friends than risking our friendship for something that might not be there.

Just for understanding this, that friend of mine is a he, and we’re just good friends. To be more exact, he’s into guys. So we often talk about boys, actually a lot. It’s just that we understand each other, because boys are really hard to read. We understand the things we’re going through.

But am I the only one, or are you also wondering if you’ll find love? Like I said before, I don’t need a boyfriend, not at all, but it’s just… I’m wondering if some guy can love me for who I am, not for my looks, you know? Most guys nowadays just look at your body or search for a girl who loves partying.

My favorite writer wrote in a book once:

‘True love will find you; you must not look for it.’

And he’s right. We shouldn’t look for love, eventually it will be there. But I’m a girl, and I think most girls are just wondering if there will be someone out there who’s secretly in love with them. But for now, I’ll continue with loving Nathan 😉

What is your opinion about ‘love’? Do you think there is someone for everyone?

Lots of love, ‘Daphne’


8 thoughts on “Does love exists?

  1. Hi! I read the post yesterday but I didn’t have time to comment, so I am doing this today 🙂
    I do believe in love, but like you I have never experienced it.
    I do think there is someone for everyone, but not everyone finds there ‘someone’ . Sometimes people meet someone that isn’t really for them but they will live with them, sadly.
    Love will come when you don’t expect it. And when you wait for it it won’t come.
    So live your life and love will come your way at some point in life.

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    • I have never experienced it too, and I agree with what you say. It’s exactly what my favorite writer says. Love will come when you won’t expect it. And maybe it’s worth more when it comes with a surprise 🙂

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  2. Writing in English isn’t one of my strengths, but I will do the best I can. I think that love is something special and like a lot of other special things, it’s useless to search for it. There will be a moment that love will find you and not vice versa (is that English?). To answer your question, I’m not busy with love at all. I will see what life will bring to me. I’m sure there will be someone for you,Xoxo

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    • You did a good job by writing English, you really did 🙂 You’re completely right, like my favorite writer said too, you both are right. I’m not looking for it too, I’ll see when it comes. Thank you, I think there is someone for you too 🙂

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